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Hi there !

While my focus is on electronic music production, I am dedicated to provide you the tools and knowledge you need to improve your overall production skills, practice of your instrument or a better understandind of the physics behind audio production. With over 15 years of experience as a musician and composer, I have explored a variety of genres throughout my musical journey. From rock and metal to electronic musics, I have worked with rappers, podcast creators, composers, singers and musicians.


I play drums percussion, guitar, bass, piano - and other weird things that do sounds-. While I wouldn't claim expertise in these practices, they have provided me with a deeper understanding of what music is and the different approaches that can be taken. My exploration has led me to explore a large variety of genre and I firmly believe in the power of blending these genres and drawing inspiration from diverse sources. Learning from different musical styles opens up new creative pathways and allows for unique artistic expression.

I have studied music in different schools and for different purposes, but i know from experience that you can learn a lot on your own, just like I did. It takes time, but it is definitely worth it. Of course, if you're here, you likely have the desire to learn a bit faster with a couse adapted to your project. I completely understand, and that's why I provide personalized lessons to provide you with deeper insights and guidance.

I strongly believe that every project requires a tailored approach, so, let's have a conversation and discuss your specific goals and needs. Together, we can plan a learning path that is customized for you.


For any question or information about the tutoring, the rates, or your musical project, that’s here:

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